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Eric Rocha was conceived in an apartment duplex in the small town of Brush, Colorado. After being born, Eric’s father was quickly out of the picture, leaving the adolescent to learn from Uncles, drunks and teachers. Soon Eric found a love for attention and telling dick jokes about any and all authority figures.


Shortly after graduating high school (*cough – class president) Eric moved to NYC to pursue a career in the performing arts. Much to his mother’s indifference, Eric found a love not only for dick jokes, but DICK itself and began his career as a practicing homosexual.


After a series of plays and one or two failed pilots, Eric was offered a scholarship to move to Los Angeles, California and receive a degree worth absolutely nothing. Jumping at the opportunity for warm weather, Eric left and moved to Los Angeles.


Soon after discovering the open mic circuit, Eric began hosting at a small black box theatre in North Hollywood called “Fourth Wall”. During his two years of hosting, popular comedian Joey Diaz spotted Eric Rocha and offered him the opportunity to feature for him in numerous venues as well as be a guest on the popular podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now.”


Today Eric can be seen performing all over Los Angeles and continues to work with Joey Diaz to this day.